Naikomy`s Art

Naikomy`s Art

Strive for your dream. Do not lie to yourself. Never give up and just go ahead.


2D art-gallery

Vector Images

Programs inkscape


(on the left) Workspace - the image for the main page of this site

(on the right) The anthropomorphic koala. Created as a game character. Prepared for further work and animation.

Raster illustration

Program Krita

The character concept for the game "Do not follow the butterfly!" version of the image of the main character


(on the left) - Concept art for the game "Worlds of Worlds" - variant of mood and style for cut scenes.

(on the right) - Concept art for the game "Worlds of Worlds" - version of the mood and style (especially the boot screen)

Pixel art

Programs: Krita и Aseprite

Раздел ещё будет пополняться.

Mini pack of environment assets. (Originally created for the game "Do not follow the butterfly!")

Skeleton animation

Here I am working on an animation of a creature in my own author's graphic style. These are the first experiments with a sprite pro

The process of drawing and working on the animation of some creature.

Animation. Frame by frame


Running cat. This character was created as a creative logo or talisman.(do not mix-up with alter ego).

Metamorphosis and transformations - mini sketches

Practicing in making simple animated transitions

This kitty-cat is definitely wants something from you))