Naikomy’s Art

Offline from reality

Hi! My name is Maria L.
I am an artist and a designer.
Main hobbies: self-development, games, comics, mystics, nature.
Main projects: Live Right Now(comic book), Don't Follow the Butterly(Interactive Fiction), 23(Interactive Fiction)
Sabra Naikomy is my primary pseudonym.

If you want to talk about your, my or somebody else's projects, you can write me on my g-mail or privately on social networks.
Full list of them is here.

I also have channels on: Youtube, Picarto и DLive.
Stream topics: Projects(comics, animation, game art, games) & skill practicing.

Software used

Making graphics: Krita, Inkscape, Aseprite, Blender, Spriter Pro.

Making games: Instead, Twine.

Nice things

My Redbubble shop have a new link address! At the moment I'm moving my old artworks to the new shop. Stay tuned!

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All my works on this site and on social networks are presented for promotional purposes and as a demonstration of my skills. They cannot be used for commercial purposes before my prior written consent.