Naikomy`s Art

Naikomy`s Art

Strive for your dream. Do not lie to yourself. Never give up and just go ahead.


Hi everyone! I`m Maria.L.
I`m an artist and designer. Love video games, draw strange graphic, animations and create unusual stories.
Sabra Naikomy is my main art nickname.
This website is my experimental playground and the portfolio base.


All artworks on the site are as a demonstration of my skills and not allowed for commercial use.
But, who knows...Maybe later i`ll make a special page with some artworks of mine that will have CCO license.

I also have channels on Youtube and Twitch.
My social activity could be better that now... So I try to run broadcasts or release a new video at least 1 times a week.
Main subjects: my projects and improving art skills.


I always low down my social and online activity at the time of the overloaded timetable.
Please understand that. I`m not a robot.

If you liked what I`m creating, you can support me or hire me for the job
or buy any digital artworks for your own creations or some stuff with prints of my art.