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A Dragon and the Tower

This game is in development. Release is planned for 2023.
Wait for the news!

My projects

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Don`t follow the butterfly! Chapter 1

Title:Don`t follow the butterfly!
Project type:text adventure
Genre:fantasy, mystery, horror elements
Working on:2ch.
Process:paused --> improving my skills

Your path is winding and insidious.
You play as the main female character that is an adventurer.
While trying to get rid of hallucinations, she wandered lands until, she found the abandoned old castle.
And then she was trapped in his magic dream or herself`s another hallucination.
Now your goal is, to understand what this place is and break free.

Chapter 1 (rus version)


Project type:interactive fiction
Process:paused -->improving my skills

I woke up again. She was also here. She wearing white and the white mask hiding her face.
i`m lying on the metal and listening the songs of grey little bird, that i have never seen here.
The mosaic and stained glass windows with light on the ceiling.
There is a scene depicting Adam and Eve in Paradise. I have carefully studied it. All her details are so familiar now ..
Most of all I am fascinated by the apple in the hands of Eva .. i just can`t stop watching it.

i`m only one here... i mean...ah... forget it...
she will do another injection on me now... i don`t want it...
this needle... it too close... i know i will fall sleeping again... i don`t want it... please... let me finaly free... fr...

Chapter 1 - soon

Worlds of worlds: act 1.

This project has been suspended indefinitely. However, I hope I will resume it later.

Title:Worlds of worlds: act 1
Project type:Point&Click, adventure
Working on:1act