Naikomy`s Art

Naikomy`s Art

Strive for your dream. Do not lie to yourself. Never give up and just go ahead.


Graphic Art

Those works are something unpredictable. These things just coming to me over and over. Work over them never repeats and never planned.
Abstracts, that are born in space, running through human soul and mind.
My dreams, memories, moments, thinks and images without words and emotions. That is all about it.
I`ll be happy, if these works impress you to discover something new for yourself and create something also new and unknown too.

Hand painted and digital works


(on the left) "Loneliness" Mixed technics

(on the right) "Travel of the space pirets" Watercolor


(on the left) "In the darkness of the cosmic depths" Ink

(on the right) "Night dream abstraction" Programs Medibang, Krita


(on the left) "Cyber orange rolling over the horizon" Program: Krita

(on the right)"The Tree Of the Great gifts" Program: Procreate

"Endless Dream" Program: Procreate

"Another dream- another night" Program: Procreate

"Abstract art- Free flight through all life difficulties" Program: Procreate, Krita

Animation (Programs Krita, Procreate)

"Metamorphosis" Program: Krita